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Brian and Beth began doing Spray Paint Art a few years ago
after seeing it done at a local festival. We experimented on our
own and looked to other spray paint artists for guidance. We have
a blast trying new techniques and styles that go far beyond the
traditional ‘spacescapes’ of spray paint art.
Given Brian’s extensive experience in auto body restoration, spray
paint art came naturally. We have use spray paint art techniques
to paint his vintage 1970 Harley and Beth’s “vintage” ( i.e. junker) ’
96 Chevy Cavalier. He also just bought a 1998 95th
Anniversary Harley too! The next project is restoring our 1968
Corvette Convertible. Brian has a tree farm, is the Public Works
Superintendent of the town we live in, and he buys, sells and
manages real estate. Two years ago he bought a magnificent
piece of property and built his house himself. He is also a
founding member of the
German Valley Case Owners Association,
a club for owners & aficionados of Case tractors.
Between us we have a bunch of kids we are very proud of. And we
have critters, lots of critters!!! At Brian’s farm he has mini
donkeys, mini horses, pygmy goats, cats, a chicken and a dog. He
was even adopted by an orphan raccoon last summer. Although he
is grown, Ricky still comes around to get treats when he feels
like it!
In addition to being an
eBay trading assistant, Beth operates an
exotic animal rescue sanctuary for over 150 abandoned exotic
pets. She cares for ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, sugar gliders,
guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, degus,
bearded dragons, iguana, turtles, tortoise, geckos, fish, frog, toad,
snakes, cats, dogs, an arctic fox, a fennec fox and even a kinkajou!
Beth takes some of the animals out on informative entertaining
shows to educate the public and help support their care. See

Brian & Beth plan to take their Spray Painting on the road this
summer when they aren’t riding the new Harley!

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