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Dreamscape Paintings are created using only ordinary spray
paint, newspaper, tin cans and poster board - no brushes!
Occasionally we will use stencils for special effects. Spray
paint art is a relatively new art form with a limited number of
artists throughout the world.

Dreamscape Paintings are not copies, prints or computer
generated - they are each unique - no two will ever be exactly
the same! All of our work is 100% guaranteed, and we sign and
date each piece.

The photos of our work you see here are originals and not for
sale. However you can choose a particular one and we can
replicate it as close as possible but it will never be an exact
copy. You can even choose to change elements and colors of
the paintings you order to suit your individual style!

Dreamscape Paintings transport you to many places- outer
space, alien lands, mountains, forests, castles, oceans, deserts
with pyramids and more, including our own interpretations of  
popular fantasy realms such as EverQuest, Lord of the Rings,
Harry Potter, etc. Dreamscape Paintings can even be
whimsical variations of familiar symbols, such as the yin-yang.

Please feel free to
contact us at any time!

You never know where Dreamscape Paintings will take you
next - so visit us often!
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